Dark Point Games

Achilles: Legends Untold – Exclusive sneak peek of the updates ahead including old gen consoles!

Dark Point Games is thrilled to announce that Achilles: Legends Untold will receive a groundbreaking update and revamp for the older consoles. Developers have planned many exciting new features, and their exclusive sneak peeks can be found down below, along with some news about their upcoming presence at PAX East!

DPG has been working on an upcoming update that will introduce game-changing Amulets. These mystical artifacts will not only add depth to the gameplay experience but also offer new strategies and abilities to explore, especially in New Game+ mode. They’re designed to enhance the player’s journey within the Achilles world, providing unique powers and variations with the promise to revolutionize the way it is played. For more details and release dates, players can keep a close eye on the Steam page and the game’s roadmap.


Developers had not only been working on new features and updates but also on adaptations to older consoles. They’re pleased to announce that they’re working on a port that will allow Achilles: Legends Untold to run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. More information is on the way, and players should keep an eye on their social platforms for more recent news! 

Greece’s ancient hero is coming to the US! Achilles: Legends Untold and DPG will attend PAX East this March 21-24, where they’ll be a part of the Galaktus Publishing Booth located at (14049). This will be a grand opportunity to play the game firsthand and get your hands on some exclusive merchandise. Whether a casual gamer or a seasoned veteran player, everyone will be able to test their strengths on the ancient battlefield while meeting people with a shared passion for gaming.
Dark Point Games are working to bring more features and amenities to its audience, and they would like to thank their audience for the continuous support they have received. Check out their game on Steam, follow their social media below, and attend PAX East if the opportunity arises to step into the shoes of Greece’s greatest hero!