Dark Point Games


We are a team of veterans who spend years in game development. Through our time here, we’ve acquired extensive knowledge that allows us to create concepts for captivating virtual worlds.

Our studio – Dark Point Games – is a place where each of our staff members gets a possibility to unleash his ambition to create high-quality video games filled with original ideas and proprietary technological solutions.

Our main goal is to engage and challenge players in an extremely rewarding way, so their success will become a natural reason to face new adversities within our complex worlds.


Paweł Waszak
CEO, Co-Founder

Paweł has over 20 years of experience in the gamedev industry as a Level Designer and 3D Artist. He gained his professional experience working for such renown companies as Vivid Games, CI Games, and Mirage Interactive. He co-created more than 20 games for PC, consoles and developed his own game for PC. In his free time he loves watching coral reefs while diving.


Daniel Mira
Lead Programmer, Co-Founder

Daniel is a Programmer who loves to balance his life with physical activity. Makes games by day and rides his motorcycle and trains Karate by night. He made quite a few AAA titles in his career, working in THQ NORDIC GMBH, Vivid Games and CI Games. 16 years of experience on leading teams and projects and even more to come!


Marcin Kamiński
CTO, Co-Founder

Krav Maga enthusiast, survivalist and… a Programmer. He also survived over 16 years in gamedev as AI and Multiplayer Programmer in such amazing companies like THQ NORDIC GMBH, Artifex Mundi or CI Games. He conquered the ring and created solutions for distributed computing. 


Wiesław Małek
Art Director, Co-Founder

An artist who became an Art Director! Loves creating models – real-life and digital. Those digital he also does physically, printing his creations on his favorite 3D printer. 14 years of experience makes him a true veteran of character and creature creation. He worked in Vivid Games, CI Games, Boombit and many more!